6 of the Best Men’s Gifts to Buy at Costco

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The warehouse store has plenty of great options for gifting.


  • Costco commonly stocks new items that make great holiday gifts.
  • You can find a karaoke machine or noise-canceling headphones for the music lover.
  • Tech-savvy recipients will appreciate a gaming laptop or new monitor.

The holidays are right around the corner, which means if you haven’t started shopping for the important people in your life, now’s the time to get started. And you may want to make Costco your first shopping destination. The warehouse club giant has a host of new products available both in stores and online. Here are a few ideas to consider for the special man in your life.

1. The Battery Daddy

Do you have random batteries stuffed away in different corners of your house? The Battery Daddy makes it easier to store and organize batteries and can accommodate different shapes and sizes. It’s a great gift for the man of the house, but also, for the remaining people in the house who really don’t enjoy finding batteries in the stationary or sock drawer.

2. A karaoke machine

If you know a man who likes to sing his heart out or be the life of the party, then a karaoke machine could be a great gift. Costco is selling a wifi karaoke machine that can be synced up to your TV for hours upon hours of fun.

3. Noise-canceling headphones

Maybe you know a guy who works from home a lot and needs a way to focus while his kids are running amok. Or maybe your special guy likes curling up with a tablet or laptop and watching his favorite streaming content on the couch. Either way, noise-canceling headphones make a great gift. In fact, you may want to buy a pair in conjunction with the aforementioned karaoke machine — so you can borrow them when you need a break from the noise.

4. A gaming laptop

Have a big gamer in your life? While you’ll spend a nice chunk of money on a gaming laptop, it’s a gift anyone is bound to appreciate. You’ll get amazingly clear graphics, great audio, and an integrated webcam.

5. A portable lap desk

Is your favorite fella always working, or always at his laptop? A lapdesk might come in handy — and spare him the discomfort when his laptop heats up. It’s an affordable gift that could end up being ultra useful.

6. A borderless monitor

Whether it’s for work, play, or a combination of both, your man is sure to appreciate a high-definition borderless monitor. Not only will it look sleek, but it comes with built-in speakers and is compatible with a host of Smart TV apps.

Shopping for holiday gifts at Costco could save you money — and leave you with a lower credit card balance after all’s said and done. These are only some of the great men’s gifts Costco has available right now, so it pays to look online or walk around your local warehouse club store and see what other finds you can snag.

Remember, Costco has a very flexible return policy, so if you’re not sure about a given item, you’re not taking on a ton of risk. But chances are, at least one of these gifts will be a big hit in your household.

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