5 Ways to Save $300 Before the End of the Year

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If it feels impossible to save an extra $300, these suggestions may help.


  • Extra savings can help you get out of challenging financial situations in the future.
  • Consider watching your food spending and cutting back on online shopping to help you save $300 before 2023.

Would an extra $300 improve your life in some way? For most people, it would make a difference. As we near the end of 2022, there may be small changes that you can make to free up extra cash for your savings goals. Do you want to increase your savings account balance? Here are some ways to save $300 before 2023 begins.

1. Cut out delivery or limit your delivery and takeout spending

Many Americans have gotten into the habit of ordering food delivery regularly. According to a Circuit for Teams survey, Americans place about 54 food delivery orders yearly. If you’re not careful, your food delivery clothes could cost you and hurt your savings goals.

If you’re looking to save extra money before the new year, now is an excellent time to either cut out delivery for the rest of the year or set a food delivery budget, so you spend less money. Doing this could help you cut unnecessary spending and encourage you to cook at home more.

2. Only shop with a grocery list

Shopping without a grocery list can be dangerous for your wallet. Without a list to guide you, it can be easy to overspend and buy items that you don’t need, and it can also be easy to forget to buy everything you need.

For the rest of the year, committing to only shopping with a list in hand can be beneficial. Make sure you make your list while browsing the sales flier. Every little bit of money you save by shopping with a plan will help you increase your bank account balance.

3. Get rid of subscriptions that you don’t use

You’re probably paying for a subscription you hardly use. Whether it’s a streaming subscription, a monthly product box, or a fitness center membership, you’re wasting money if you’re not getting much use out of your investment.

Now is a good time to pause or cancel any subscriptions and memberships that aren’t useful to you because otherwise, you’re throwing out money. You probably spend more money than you realize on subscription and membership fees.

Shopping apps are a convenient solution, but sometimes they are too convenient. When we stay logged into these apps, it’s too easy to place an order (and spend money) at any time of day. You could successfully trim unnecessary spending by logging out of your favorite shopping apps. By having to log in every time you need to place an order, you’ll give yourself extra time to consider whether the purchase you’re about to make is worth it.

5. Pack a lunch and eat breakfast

When the workweek gets busy and you don’t plan your meals for the day, spending money on fast food and takeout can be tempting. However, if you pack a lunch and eat breakfast each day, you can stay full and save money. Even “affordable” takeout lunch options get expensive.

Develop new spending habits to save more money

All of these small changes can result in big savings. While adjusting to the above changes may take some time, developing new spending habits could help you reach your savings goals faster. If you’re looking to save an extra $300 before the end of the year, don’t be afraid to alter your spending habits and develop new routines.

Are you looking for additional ways to improve your money management habits? For more tips, check out our personal finance resources.

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